Meet the team!


Lydia Miller joined TW YFC in January 2016 after working as a youth worker across London and in nearby Tonbridge. She has  Lydiaan MSc in Transcultural Mental Health and is the Founder and Director of Farsight; a charity that works to reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health across Africa.

Lydia is married to Jamie and together they love to travel, go out for coffee and spend time with their rescued lurcher Maggie.

Emmy Fennell joined TW YFC in September 2106.  She is  from Cambridge born and bred. She has been brought up as a Christian and has attended her local Baptist church since she can remember! Growing up she enjoyed playing musical instruments and sports – any excuse to be in a social setting , as it gave her an excuse to talk.

Before Emmy joined TW YFC she was been part of Youth for Christ’s gap year programme YFC One, volunteering as a youth worker at a Church and for the local Youth for Christ centre.  Emmy is employed as the full time shared youth worker between St James Church and TW YFC.

Kay Dunlop started working in the office at Tunbridge Wells YFC in the summer of 2012 having previously taught maths in local secondary schools since the late 80’s. Kay initially got involved in Tunbridge Wells YFC when she Kaybecame a Trustee in 2011 after many years of involvement in youth work in her local church. Kay is married to Roger and they have three grown up children.  She enjoys Scottish country dancing, singing and reading.