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Kairos is aimed at young people who are looking to take a year out between school and university or employment or for those looking for an introduction to Christian ministry, the program aims to provide a place of training and discipleship with clear emphases on character formation, theological training and ministry skills.

Kairos is a scheme for the entire church of Tunbridge Wells. By building on the growing cross-church youth ministry and the increasing sense of unity between the churches of the town, Kairos is able to benefit the participants by enabling them to be part of a larger team, to receive input from a wider variety of people and to gain more varied experience than they would by working in a single church.

Kairos is run under the umbrella of Tunbridge Wells Fellowship of Evangelicals.

You can download a student application form here.

If you are a church and want a Kairos student then the churches application form is here.

Send it to TW YFC, 28 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1JP

If you are interested in finding out more about Kairos, please contact the TW YFC Office.